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Pocket Friend - Mermaid

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The new Pocket Friend - Mermaid Blue is a special edition tropical Mermaid. Follow her on adventures into the Lucky Ocean, where the colorful and vibrant corals glow.

In the warmth of your pocket, the faithful little Pocket Friend - Mermaid, will live. She will keep you company and is ready to play and comfort you wherever you go. She might be small, but her heart is HUGE, and she can’t wait to be a part of all your The magic thing about the Pocket Friends is that they, besides being faithful, also can be your friendly reminder. Not all kids need the same kind of reminders. Some children have to be reminded exactly how brave they are – and some need to be reminded to hold on to their imagination. How can the Pocket Friends remind you of something important?

Pocket Friend - Mermaid is made from 100 % Organic Cotton with corn fibre filling - a natural choice for filling fibres. The height of the Pocket Friend is 12 cm.

Product details:

Size: 12cm

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Filling: 100% Corn Fiber